Preston live edge bed

Big bedrooms need an equally impressive focal point: a super big statement bed that balances perfectly with the proportions. Here we got amaizing bed with beautiful huge headboard, which extends for about 500mm out of beds edges on each side.

Single slab, what we used for the headboard are very rare and expensive. Please contact us to get information about wood in stock and for special order.

The headboard was made from a 50mm thick solid Single slab cut from the WALNUT log, and got about 3 miters long!!! Our slab is handmade with live edge, carefully sanded and treated with tung oil that really enhances the grain and richness of the wood. Naturally occurring imperfections, knots and cracks was permanently filled in a special procedure with a clear resin from Italy (with all sertificates of eco-friendly) so you can enjoy their uniqueness and attractiveness but at the same time the surface is easy to maintain and hygienic at all times. The beautiful live edge headboard can be mounted to the wall or integrated into the frame. 

The platform frame is made from thick solid WALNUT and dovetailed at the corners for strength and beauty. Completely all details was made from solid hardwood and handmade!!!

As we make everything by hand we can make all our items to virtually any dimensions (don’t forget to choose your option before purchase), also in a huge variety of styles. If you have and special requests please let us know and we will get back to you with a price and various options.

All our products are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethically justified way from the timber sourced in Europe.

A version of this Item can be custom ordered, in a similar style with custom Dimensions, but may not necessarily match in species or wood picture of headboard. All our items are  “One of a Kind Piece” and cannot be duplicated.

We aim to complete and deliver all orders within 6-8 weeks from receipt of payment. However, as everything is made to order there may be occasions during busy periods when this deadline can vary.In this instance, we will endeavour to keep you notified of any apparent delays

We are happy to undertake work which may include unusual design or sizing. Please be aware that such commissions are made on the agreement that they cannot be returned to us.

You must also ensure that you have suitable access into your property / the desired room for any products you order from us, as items cannot be returned for access reasons.

The bed shown measures:

D1900mm x L2000mm

  • £ 3,590

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