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Live edge walnut bar
Solid oak tv stand
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Accessories occupy a significant place in the interior. At the moment, it is difficult to overestimate their influence on our lives, because they are a kind of completion of the designer's plan. Whether it will be such a handy detail as a loft stand bar, a wooden mirror in combination with natural wood and epoxy resin, or a solid oak TV unit - we embody all of this in to the live.

In our practice, were many different accessories from solid wood, that we made for our customers, and we chose and described the most popular of them. Perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.

  • Bar stools made of natural wood. Bar stools can vary greatly in design and style, but they are all made by the hands of the master only made of natural wood, which makes them durable, beautiful and of high quality. And as a result, a comfortable and cozy atmosphere is created. In their shape they can be rectangular, square, round, several levels, with or without lighting, depending on the needs of our client.
  • Solid oak TV unit. This part of your furniture is very important in your house. Often our customers asking us to create something special for living room. Usual it is solid oak TV stand, which will definitely be eye catcher item in your house.
  • Sliding interior doors. We are producing sliding interior from solid wood, possibly with individual design ideas, also usual hinge doors aswell. Such doors will surprise everyone, and will definitely attract a lot of attention. Sliding metallic mechanisms we get in proven supplies. All our products meet the high qualities and standards. Also, our company has experienced staff who will deliver and install the door quickly and efficiently.
  • A wooden mirror. "The mirror gives the space of completeness," wrote Jean Bodrijar. It is an integral part of the present. Various styles, shapes and frames gives the mirror a peculiar feature in the interior. Frames for them can be for any taste and purse. That kind of products from Royal Oakland are made from natural wood, and it automatically gives elegance, sophistication and style in any home. Everyone knows that stylish things never lose their attractiveness under any conditions.

Our accessories are the perfect solution for your choice, they will definitely become a feature of your home. For our accessories, we are using oak, walnut or maple, which guarantees the durability of eclipse. Our masters are covering the surface with special oil, which protects products from scratches, stains and preserves the original appearance of wood. All our material are certificated and eco-friendly products.

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