Solid wood furniture from natural oak, maple and walnut, for affordable prices and free delivery. Wooden furniture brought comfort for any home for ages. Especially if it is a wooden hand-made products from the Royal Oakland.Our company specializes in manufacturing of any furniture made from natural, best kinds of wood.

Our skilled specialists always follow the trends, and picked up the most popular products, that you can buy from our online store.

• Dining Tables from solid natural wood. Our company specializes in the manufacture of tables of various types, shapes, sizes and so on. We always have some in stock, we can also make any table to your liking, by order. In our online store you can find products such as oak dining table, metal-based walnut table, stainless steel round dining tables. If you can not find a table on our site, just contact us and our designer will create a project specially for you, taking into product all wishes. We will try to realize any of your imagination in a minimal period of time, and at an affordable price.

• Coffee tables from natural wood for the living room. Also on our site you can get acquainted and buy a wooden coffee table on request. Remember that each product in our catalog is unique and can not be copied. Each product is as close as possible to your order, but it may have some differences as the pattern and wood structure can not be duplicated. At each order, you can choose the table base to your taste and style, so you can buy a round coffee table made from maple on a metal basis, a wooden walnut coffee table, an oak coffee table with epoxy resin and oak bottom, all that you only wish, we will make for you quickly and qualitatively.

• Bedroom solid wood Furniture. If you are looking for something special for your bedroom, then you are on the right way. Our company specializes on manufacturing of best kind solid wood beds. What are the benefits of our beds? The whole bed is made of natural wood. For headboard, we mainly use slab of a tree, carefully polished and processed with environmentally friendly materials. In this case, you can enjoy the structure of the wood, of the natural beauty. Any wooden knots or a chip we accurately process with epoxy resin, which allows to save the material forever. You can buy wooden furniture for bedroom, just write to us, so we will discuss all the details.

• Handmade customs wooden accessories for your home. As our company specializes in wooden furniture, we can produce any of your order, made from wood or metal, for your home. Eye catcher items from solid wood got amazing popular now, as they perfectly complement any new and modern design of you rooms.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of products at the highest level. We are using the best materials and manufacturing methods. Experienced craftsmen's can fulfil any of your wishes. Write to us today and we will help you to choose the best possible choice for you.

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